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A major concern of economic education is the true-to-life and comprehensible communication of economic relationships. This not only promotes an understanding of our economic system, but also lays the foundation for competent and critical discussion of issues relating to the economic order and economic policy.

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The MARCO business game aims to strengthen these competencies by illustrating the basic functioning of a modern and open economy. MACRO is a computer-supported business game for the mediation of economic connections.

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Two countries play against each other. In each country, the four sectors - households, businesses, government and the central bank - try to achieve their own goals as best they can. After each round of the game, the countries are evaluated according to their overall well-being.


“It is not enough to know - one must also apply.

It is not enough to want - one must also do.”

J. W. von Goethe

Further information about MACRO can be found here