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About us

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The Alliance for the Social Market Economy, founded in 1953, is a non-profit association with the task of promoting the social market economy.

With its work the Alliance engages academia as well as the interested public in promoting discussions pertaining to economic and socio-political questions. Advancing the concept of the Social Market Economy in a dynamic, interconnected world and in a lively and realistic way, we realize that many different impulses and perspectives are required.

A special focus is on economic education. For a broad acceptance of the social market economy, competent mediation is needed.

Our activities include academic conferences and projects, public lectures and engagement as well as economic policy advice. To this end, we initiate cooperation between scientists, organize discussion rounds, seek dialog with decision-makers, facilitate an intensive exchange in working groups and discuss the social market economy with pupils and students.

We would be pleased if you too would like to support the goals and work of the Alliance for the Social Market Economy!

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